More Miegakure Concept Art!

Here's more concept art for one of the realms in Miegakure. I also showed concept art and explained some of the ideas behind the different realms in this post.

The people who inhabit this realm live longer and are in general happier than humans, but it does not mean their society is perfect — it also has a darker side.

This piece was just selected for inclusion into the twenty-fifth volume of Spectrum, which selects "the finest in the fantasy, horror, science fiction and the surreal genres from around the world."

Three Arch Building Concept Art

[It's actually not the first time a piece done for one of my games got selected (previous selections included an illustration for 4D Toys, and previous concept art for Miegakure).]

Here's another piece I really like:

Aqueduct City Concept Art

We have so many more but I don't want to spoil the game too much!

Old Building Sketch Concept Art

19 Responses to “More Miegakure Concept Art!”

  1. Wok says:

    I cannot wait!

  2. DRKRRQQNN says:

    Holy ish, this as ingame grafix would rock hard, looking forward 4d puzzlessss

  3. Sam says:

    I think this sums up my feelings for this game at this point:

  4. Sonny says:

    Oh my god, I can't wait for any sort of release; even if it's just a little sneak peak.

  5. Stephen says:

    Please keep up the good efforts to make this game available to the general public! I am desperate to play it. >:)))

  6. Rafaela says:

    I've been doing what I can to stay healthy and alive long enough to play this game, it's been so long since it's being developed I'm not sure if i'm still going to be alive to buy it when it comes out 🙁

  7. Sam says:

    I feel that feeling when you order a package in the mail, and you know it's going to take at least a day before it even ships, and then at least 2 weeks snaking across the country before it gets here, and yet I jump to the shipping tracking and begin refreshing every two minutes... Is it insane? yes. Do I do it? yes...

  8. Max says:

    I've been checking in on this game with interest every so often pretty much since that XKCD comic eight years ago. I've been very careful to not get too excited over it - eight years of unchecked hype for *anything* would be a recipe for crushing disappointment - but I'm still very much looking forward to getting to play your game! It seems almost surreal that the game's actually nearing release, with only a year or two left to go.

    I'm surprised that ordinary 3D modeling has ended up being one of the big remaining bottlenecks. Was this expected?

  9. Edhuan says:

    One of the many waiting for this game. Hope all goes well!

  10. Aesneak says:

    Remember, you probably play this daily, but us others NEVER played it. Dying for a demo!

  11. Marco says:

    This game development looks more and more like the Kubrick's Apollo program. At least we get teasers to be excited with.

  12. Nawa says:


    Srsly waiting Miegakure is like seeing a bag of sweets and being told "Be patient my son"

    Duuuuude I hardly want to buy it
    Can't wait ^^

  13. Rain says:

    Please, is there a demo?

    • Weazel says:

      Hi, there is no demo yet, but you can find a nice short game Mark made called 4DToys, which uses the 4D physics engine to simulate impossible toys 🙂 (also available in VR)

  14. Gabriel says:

    When I saw this game for the first time I was like 'Omg! I must play it!' but when I searched it I sadly realised that this is a to-be-released game. I hope that you will finish it soon!

  15. Vinny says:

    Jesus, I can’t wait. It seems only days ago the game was first announced and I’ve been hyping ever since, not just because of the game itself, but also because of a brand new engine capable of operating in the 4th dimension. It’ll be a whole new genre of puzzle and adventure games, the possibilities are endless. I wish you the best my dude, and hope all your hard work really pays off.

  16. Sam Loy says:

    Happy start of Autumn Marc!

    Keep up the good work!

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