Nine Facts About the Indie Megabooth

  1. The Megabooth brings 16 of the most creative studios together in one place. They’re showing off 20 titles, making it the highest concentration of inventive, quirky, great games and game studios on the entire PAX floor.

  2. The Megabooth is where you’ll meet the games’ developers. These are the people who take games from concept through to completion. Ask them how they design their games, where they draw their inspiration, and what they ate for lunch.

  3. Every single booth in the Megabooth has a game for you to play. Come meet us and try out some awesome upcoming indie titles!

  4. Like scavenger hunts? WE’VE GOT SCAVENGER HUNTS. The Indie Megabooth Passport includes 24 indie games for you to check out and play, and there are even prizes for people who complete the hunt! Bonus: includes awesome indie studios outside the Megabooth!

  5. These studios know each other. They are separate entities, but often work to create bigger things than they could, alone. After PAX East, you’ll see them talking, drinking, and hanging out with each other — and with the folks who play their games.

  6. The Indie Megabooth is the biggest independent booth ever in PAX’s history. If you stacked all of the developers showing games in the booth on top of each other we’d be over 200 feet tall. Not that we’re suggesting you try, as we probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

  7. The space we’re in is normally reserved for big AAA publishers and developers, so breaking it up for independent devs is really cool of the Penny Arcade Expo folks (thank you!).

  8. The Indie Megabooth is international! We’ve got developers from all corners of the world, including San Francisco, Seattle, England, Australia, and even as far away as Canada. Oh, and there are some wicked smaht guys from Boston too.

  9. Hey, big studios: most booths try to out-do each other. Here are 16 of us working in harmony. Nyah.

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