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Miegakure on PS4. New Screenshot. Interviews. Collision Detection.

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Windmill Rotated

The windmill appeared strange from this perspective, its swift blades moving in and out of sight.

A few things.

  1. Miegakure is coming to PS4. I wrote a blog post introducing the game over at the Playstation Blog. Interestingly I had never written an introductory post like that. We are showing the game at the Playstation Experience in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th, 2014. Of course, it will also be on PC/Mac/Linux.
  2. A couple interviews I had not posted on the blog: Chris Suellentrop wrote a piece about me for Wired’s December 2014 Issue, which was guest directed by Christopher Nolan. In the same issue there is also a great “XKCD guide to higher dimensions.” I also did this interview with Cathlin Sentz on N4G a while ago and this interview on Kill Screen turned out well: Videogame architecture allows us to visualize the impossible:

    To a fourth dimensional person, it’s like, ‘you forgot two walls to your house,’”

  3. Now that the tech has solidified a bit we have been working on lots of new art, which I am exited to show soon. On the code side I have been finishing up smaller things like collision detection with objects that are not the tesseract tiles. It used to be possible to walk inside trees and lanterns, etc…
    You know the game is strange when you can finally add collision detection many years in! For the longest time it was not clear how to embed 3D objects in the 4D space and how to display them, or what a 4D mesh even is, etc… So collision detection came as an afterthought. Note that you can almost never stand stand on these objects, so them having no collision never affected gameplay. Anyway I literally just added that and I am excited to test how it feels at the show, ahah.