Miegakure is coming to Steam.


Deep within the Ancient’s Grove one can find broken-down stone columns, erected to worship old gods.

I could have officially announced this much sooner, but I wanted to wait until the game was further along. Miegakure will release on Steam when it is done. It will be out for Windows/Mac/Linux.

I have been working on finishing up most of the puzzles for the game. There are about 130 right now, and not that many left to do! I am not shooting for a specific number, but rather exploring all the mechanics in the game.

I am also having fun making levels that are less puzzle-y and more about showing off cool 4D things, like the 120-cell level from the trailer, and the above Spherinder grove. My design philosophy has been that each puzzle in the game should be about a cool consequence of what you can do because you can move in 4D but I realized this extends naturally to more visual consequences as well.

44 Responses to “Miegakure is coming to Steam.”

  1. Matt says:

    This is very exciting. I’ve been following the game since 2010 when it was demo’d at PAX East. Can’t wait to see some of these amazing puzzles!

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the update can’t wait to play it 🙂

  3. A Tor User says:

    Looking forward to the launch 🙂

    Will buy it on Linux 😀

    Thx for keeping your promise

  4. Dan says:

    Awesome! I originally heard about this came through xkcd, and have been looking forward to it for a long time!

  5. Dave says:

    Great news! Sounds like you have it under control, but I wouldn’t get too caught up in making cool visuals.

  6. Paddy says:

    Does this mean that Miegakure is finally to be released this year? I had given up on it!

  7. Sam says:

    Spherinders!!!??? pardon me while I squeee!!!

  8. Karen Newcombe says:

    That’s great news! I’m so looking forward to it, and I was very happy to see Win/Mac/Linux are all covered. I love my PC and I love my Mac so it’s nice to have the options.

  9. Paul says:

    Downloading Steam now on anticipation.

  10. Ssevf says:

    That’s good news, but will there be a DRM-free version available as well?

  11. Ting says:

    Longest time I’ve ever waited for a game! (and no I’ve not been waiting for HL3) This is such great news!

  12. Anon says:

    Maybe you ought to hold off on this announcement until having been greenlit. 😛

    • marc says:

      There was no greenlight process needed because the game is that awesome 😛 (because it was an IGF finalist).

  13. Aki says:

    I stopped trying to throw money at the screen years ago. The money is tapped to my screen now. <3

  14. Hypersapien says:

    Pardon me while I soil myself with anticipation 😀

  15. I can’t wait to see how my brain and perceptions change after playing Miegakure for a while. Via meditation, psychopharmacology, and other means I tend to blend very disparate neural pathways so I can imagine that this might have far-reaching consequences in the brains and thus lives of players, in a very cool way! How will getting comfortable with 4 navigable dimensions affect my sense of time management, or my music making, or my general problem solving? How has working on Miegakure changed your life, Marc ten bosch?

  16. Kevin says:

    Idea for future update: a level editor for Steam Workshop. Looking forward to buying this on Steam for Linux!

  17. Nyksund says:

    This made my day ♥

  18. Mc128k says:

    Great to hear! Hope to see a DRM-Free version too.

  19. Getzaberry says:

    I’d really hate to ask this but what is your price for this gonna be?

    • marc says:

      Probably something around $20

      • Seriouslythisgamelooksamazing says:

        I will give you 30$ if you take bitcoin.

      • Ehnawneemuss says:

        Ooh, excellent!

        I can guarantee a LOT of people will be willing to pay $20 for a game that’s this unique!
        (As to how many of those people will manage to keep pushing forward and play this game to completion… well, I’d say that at a minimum, there’s hope for anyone who finished Antichamber and/or The Talos Principle, which is a rather large group to begin with.)

        And you can be sure that you’ll be getting plenty of positive reviews from us!

      • Thomas L says:

        Hi ! (poor english, sorry, I’m french)

        It’s a simple curiosity, but how did you choose the price of your game ? Did you choose it in any technico-commercial way ?

        In my sense, for a game this unique, you’re alone on the market with a new genre (just like Antichamber when it was released). But the common price for this kind of short (is it ?) indie games is around 20$.

        Maybe you can sell it around 25$ or even 29$, which may be a more accurate price for the achieved work, the ground-breaking innovation and the really cool aesthetics of the game. I feel like a price lower than 30$ stays in the psychological range of acceptance for most the players (the most awaiting ones should pay since the beginning, and then the price could decrease with time).

        I may be totally wrong, but I’m asking the question ^^ (of course, you can sell it at 20$, I will buy it right away anyway !)

  20. tim says:

    Any news on an actual release date? It’s been awhile.

  21. Tom.L says:

    Any word on when this will be released? cant wait to play it on my pc! Tom.

  22. nha says:

    Very excited about this. I’ve been checking your website for quite some time, I’ll buy the game on linux/osx as soon as it is out (whichever comes first). I showed it to a few friends, they were blown away as well. Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. Hugo Cesar says:

    I see you are placing several 4D polytopes and rotatopes in the levels of Miegakure and that is pretty awesome. I simply love higher-dimensions Eucliden geometry. However, I started thinking that it would be interesting to insert some hyperbolic honeycombs (or at least a small part of them). I realized it based on how spacetime around us work. As far as I can remember, it can be seen as a Minkowski 4D-manifold and hyperbolic honeycombs work better in this kind of spacetime than polytopes or rotatopes.

  24. Hugo Cesar says:

    Will there be any Tiger in a Miegakure level? http://hi.gher.space/wiki/Tiger

  25. Theonewhoishim says:

    What engine does it run on? I need to know so I can get my PC ready. It almost looks like the unreal engine…

    • marc says:

      It’s our own engine. Not really certain what the system requirements will be but they will probably be average.

  26. Jamato says:

    Marc, website is broken! The next post is unclickable and comments dont’ work in the last one. I really hope you read this and have time to fix it.

  27. Getzaberry says:

    I’m also a tad bit curious on what engine this uses. It looks good like unreal but I have seen such things with unity. I’m just a bit worried since the PC I use usually lags with certain engines.

  28. govert says:

    Dear Marc, do you have an update on the release date? I’m very excited to and would love to play this extraordinary game!

  29. Kifi says:

    Been following this for a while, really intrigued now I cannot wait to play it =)

  30. mementhe says:

    Wow, i just know this game since this morning and i already can’t wait… Do you have an approximatively date for the release?

  31. Getzaberry says:

    A quick final question(s). How many GBs is this, and how much does it need to run properly?

  32. Quirk says:

    Any chance this will be added to the steam catalog BEFORE it will be purchasable? I’d love to add it to my wishlist so I know when it comes out. (I don’t know what Steam’s restrictions on WHEN you can do this, but I’ve seen a number of games that had a store page months before you could even pre-purchase)