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The state of the Miegakure, Feb 2018

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Hi! I forgot that I have to update this blog often enough or people will start to flood me with questions about how the development is going.

As I said before all the puzzles are done and you can play the game from start to finish and get to the ending, watch the credits, etc… I do still add a puzzle here and there sometimes, if it is really awesome.

After shipping 4D toys I went and inserted all the dialogue I had written into the game, so it feels almost done in that sense as well. The “story” of the game is very exciting to me. I would like to talk about it a lot more but not yet. I did talk about the very basics in this post.

Then these past few months I have mainly been taking the “Main Game Mechanics” and making them look finished. By Main Mechanics I mean things you interact with beyond the Basic Mechanics such as jumping, rotating your view in 4D, and pushing blocks. There are about six of these main mechanics, but it’s approximate as they’re sometimes more like big categories covering related concepts.

A few of these main mechanics were very simple looking, but clear enough that you could play and understand what was happening.

So I went into graphics programmer mode and made them look amazing. But also as usual with this game there were a lot of game design considerations to keep the game understandable. I am sometimes jealous of video games that have simpler gameplay that lets them build any sort of crazy-looking stuff they want, but on the other hand when a beautiful thing also has gameplay it becomes so much more awesome! It’s just much harder to make. This freaking game is hard to make but so worth it.

Anyway I am done with all of them except one, which I am working on now, and it should be done within a month or so. (Edit March 2018: Done!)

After that my programming tasks will be small things like fix collision bugs, and I will keep placing props in levels and program the occasional cool 4D thing. We still need a bunch of 3D modelling done.

For 4D Toys I added a bunch of shapes that people had suggested over time, with more stuff to come. The trailer has a almost a million views (and the channel hit 3.1 million views and 20K subscribers) and the top comment says “this is the best description of 4d I have ever come across on the Internet.” So that’s cool.