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4D Toys Version 1.1: Happy Holydays Star Polychora Update!

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

New 4D Toys Update (iOS) (Steam VR & Mouse+KB)

Added 11 new star-like shapes that would look great hanging from or on top of your 4D Christmas Tree.

The Regular Star Polychora (or “Schläfli-Hess 4-polytopes”):

  • Icosahedral 120-cell
  • Small stellated 120-cell
  • Great 120-cell
  • Grand 120-cell
  • Great stellated 120-cell
  • Grand stellated 120-cell
  • Great grand 120-cell
  • Great icosahedral 120-cell
  • Grand 600-cell
  • And my personal favorite, the Great grand stellated 120-cell

Plus a Compound 5-Cell for good measure.

The Star Polychora are the 4D equivalent of the 2D Star Polygons.

Star polygons can be made by extending the edges of polygons, until they meet outside of the polygon.

For example this Hexagram (or “Star of David”) can be made by extending the edges of a Hexagon. This process of extending edges (or faces and cells in 3D or 4D) is called Stellation.

Warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year! I felt the need to take a break from updating 4D Toys for a bit, but more updates will be coming next year!

4D Toys Version 1.1 Update on Steam

(Miegakure Update forthcoming)

(I also never posted here about the other updates, such as the gryochora: It turns out there exist 4D dice shapes with any number of sides, even primes! Added an assortment of over 30 new dice with sides such as 9, 13 and of course 42.)

4DToys for (iOS) (Steam)