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Miegakure Update September 2021

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Hi, here is the update since last time! Among other things:

– We polished the main characters with improvements to the 3D models, inverse kinematics for the feet, cloth simulation, better collision detection, etc.. That kind of polish seemed very important since the player is looking at the main character all the time. We also fixed issues with the character rig we were using.

– I cleaned up and improved the way shaders are implemented in the game, so that it is very easy to create new textures (ex: as grass, sand, rocks…). I improved and added new types of procedural textures. One example is Gabor noise, which is great for anisotropic patterns.

During development I often programmed specific systems because I had no idea that it was possible to do much better. For example, I had specific systems for drawing specific types of object (cubic-shaped rocks, buildings, vegetation…) which all got replaced by only two or three systems (ex: tetrahedral meshes). So now I worked everything around them, and simplified the code, which allowed complexity to be put elsewhere where it is more needed.

– Similarly, I finalized the sound code, since at this point it is clear what we actually needed. For example: all sounds now change in a similar way based on what should be heard across the 4th dimension.

– We finished all the large building scenes except one, and put them in the game with the final (PBR) lighting and they really look super great!

The game looks much more refined and polished compared to what we have shown so far. Some changes also make it much more immersive. I love our concept art by Kellan Jett; it is really original and gives the world a truly unique feel. We worked hard to bring it to life in 3D (well, actually 4D ahah) and do it justice. The fact that the game gives the sense of a world, and not just a series a puzzles in an abstract place is very exciting to me.

– For a fun few days break I also quickly cleaned up a mechanic that I wasn’t sure was going to be in the game, and made the few puzzles for it. The game is going to be very rich and dense!

– We also did the final polish on many “one-off things” in the game (I shall remain vague about this for now ahah).

Generally I have now done a final polish pass on almost every part of the game, and now basically the only thing left, for realsies, is we need to go through most levels and give them a final look, by placing (and sometimes making) props, and creating specific types of 4D objects/textures! (As I said before, all the puzzle design has been done for a long time). So this is a pretty exciting time!

As always, thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.