A look at the Technology behind the 4D Game Miegakure

Development is going well... so that means it is time for another video!

This time about the crazy tech we built for this game. Tetrahedral Meshes instead of Triangle Meshes! Also 4D Crystals.

10 Responses to “A look at the Technology behind the 4D Game Miegakure”

  1. Sam says:

    I was wondering if you were using a tetrahedron based mesh. Did you find any shapes that were hard, or impossible, to construct with this shape?

    Also: *squeee* new footage!

  2. Orestes says:

    Yet another brilliant video Marc! More of these please, if you find the time 🙂

  3. Benjipede says:


  4. Jamato says:

    Are comments working again? If this posts - they are.

  5. Sia says:


    Sorry if it is not a good place to ask this question. What's is the release date of the game? I've been looking into it for loooong time.

    Thank you.

  6. Nicholas says:

    I've always wondered. What if someone has a different 4th dimensional number by a little bit. For example, in the 2d example you sometimes show, what if the girl has a depth of 1 but when you go into her "parrallel" and you change back to the original perspective your depth is 0.9? How will you see the girl if your both on different planes? Or is she really not 2d but instead a prism of her 2d self that fills up her whole "parrallel"?

  7. Hugo Cesar says:

    Hi Marc,

    I see that plenty of the structures in the game are static 4D-objects. We see them changing because of the translation through the fourth dimension. Will there be any non-static 4D-object, e.g., some polychoron performing a duorotation? Moreover, have you ever checked the irregular polychora of the Higher Dimensions Database (hi.gher.space)?

  8. Kai says:

    I hope you squeeze a 24-cell into the game! It would be great to experience all the 4d polytopes this way.