IndieFund is backing Miegakure

This is helping us finish up the game! Here's the announcement.

17 Responses to “IndieFund is backing Miegakure”

  1. daniela says:

    Expected release date?
    We have been waiting for the game since forever, young people have gotten old, old people have sadly passed away (no joke), babies have become teenagers.... We understand that nothing is perfect (which can also be read as "nothing" being indeed the only perfect thing) but something is better than nothing! Please let us play the game before we are all admitted to some senile home where no 4D videogames are allowed, lest they cause unrest among patients!

    • NoSpam McGee says:

      Seriously. I've been hearing how mindblowing this game is for most of a decade. Are we ever going to get to play it?

    • Sam says:

      While we'll likely not get a released date. (Although from the last update that mentioned anything about an ETA, it implied this year 2016)

      Be encouraged that this update means that Marc will be able to devote more time and resources on development.

      So if [release date] = [work hours left on the game] / [hours in a week] - [marc's job hours] - (hopefully) [healthy sleeping schedule] - [personal/family time]

      More funding means that either [marc's job hours] can be lessened, or an extra developer can be added to double the hours during the week.

      TL; DR. Whatever the release date was, it's now less!

    • Jay Patel says:

      Before the release, I am sure you will be doing testing. So can I at least be a tester? I am sure this game will have an emotional aspect to it. I certainly will be a good tester. so keep me in the loop please.

  2. Spayce says:

    Take all the time you need for the game to be great and polished.

  3. Mediocritus says:

    +1 to releasing "when it's ready"!

    Remember folks, this is a real person's career and livelihood we are talking about... releasing this before it's polished & complete is going to get him crucified by overly nitpicky reviewers and will impact him financially in the long run. Yes we will have to wait a little bit longer to experience this, and yes some of us might die -- but would you really want to play a version of this that is not quite what he envisioned?

    Also, >2d gamedev is extremely ambitious for a one-man project. And the "long tail" of fixes at the end of any gamedev project are daunting.

  4. tom says:

    Will the game be available with 3D goggles like Oculus Rift? We reckon that a more immersive experience of the 3D slices of the 4D virtual world would mean that you could intuite the 4D world more easily. I think this would help as there would be less effort made by the player to see the 3D-ness, by for example rotating the scene in the game, and theiir brains could then purely focus on ascertaining the 4D-ness.

  5. Getzaberry says:

    Yeah, soon done, adding the finishing touches and all... I was just wondering of a... Well, you know the usual, release date and blah blah blah. Look, I just need to know if this will be released sooner than memorial day weekend. Sorry for sounding like a pain, I'm just tired of popping on the site and having a slight hope of an update or news of release.

  6. Somebody says:

    Perfect. The release is near...

  7. AlexiG says:

    Hey Marc, it seems like the game is coming along really well. I have three questions:
    1) How is Meigakure pronounced? Is it 'mey-gah-ker', 'mey-gah-cure' or 'mee-gah-cuh-rey'? This is because the 'explanation' and 'technology' trailers are inconsistent on this.
    2) Will there continue to be new posts in this blog? It's been over a quarter of a year since the last post, so I was wondering if the blog had moved elsewhere. Or maybe it's just because you're sorting out bugs now, and don't have any new features to talk about.
    3) From what I see, the game will release some time next year (i.e. before Dec 31, 2017). Is that accurate, or is it too early to really say?

  8. dvir says:

    How much will the game cost (approximately)?

  9. charborob says:

    Do you have an idea what the system requirements for Mac will be?

    • marc says:

      My 2010 Macbook pro runs it well. We are still adding some graphics features though.

      • sam says:

        Good to hear, I have a 2014 macbook, I know games are still kinda sketchy on macs, well, running multiple graphics apps at the same time is sketchy.