4D Toys Version 1.6: Wireframe Projections

4D Toys Update (iOS) (Steam VR + Mouse & Keyboard).

New button: Wireframe Projections.

When enabled, the edges of objects are projected onto the current slice.

That means that no matter where the slice is, the edges of the objects will always be visible.

It’s an “old school” way of displaying 4D objects which you may have seen before!

Try it in the 2D Levels!

I had fun going back to every level to check it out. It lets you see the movement of the objects even if you are not in the same slice.

As with the previous update, there is a new page at the right-most end of the level select hub. After you play the relevant level there the button will be unlocked.

The 2D/3D version gives an idea of what exactly these lines are showing:

Note: for simplicity each 4D toys update is now called 1.x, where x is the number of the update.

8 Responses to “4D Toys Version 1.6: Wireframe Projections”

  1. Fleechin says:

    Looks interesting!

  2. hextet says:

    Oh, wow!
    That’s exact what I wanted since you’ve released 4D Toys! Thank you 🙂

  3. Nikita Koval says:

    Very appreciated improvement. Thanks!

  4. I-Doge says:

    Will you add a light source in the fourth dimension?

  5. Eversome says:

    Will the VR version ever be fixed? It seems to launch the window but it doesn’t project it to my headset.

    • marc says:

      I am sorry, what is your headset? I am not sure what I can do to test it.

      I thought of the hypersphere thing… yeah I will think about it more

  6. Eversome says:

    I really like this. It would be cool to even have a wire-frame only mode that encodes depth with color. I wonder if maybe the wireframe for the hyperspheres should follow the orientation of the hypersphere as it moves and rotates like the wireframes do for the other hypershapes.

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